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protect and restore our rivers for a healthy future

We envision a world where we have enough clean water to meet the future needs of wildlife, people, and a growing economy and that every river in Massachusetts is an asset to the communities through which it flows.

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Our Story

Our rivers are not confined to a single watershed, and neither are we

Founded in 2007, Massachusetts Rivers Alliance was created to fill a gap in the state’s environmental advocacy landscape. With some 25 watershed organizations working to improve their local rivers, the rivers had no dedicated, statewide champion. Therefore, rivers often lacked a seat at the tables where decisions were made – and a strong, consistent voice to speak up for them on both state and federal policy. Mass Rivers was born to fill that gap.


More than 15 years of strategic and innovative collaboration later, Mass Rivers is now the go‐to organization on water, serving as a resource for our colleagues in the environmental movement, the media, and for government staff, legislators, and many others

Why Rivers?

Massachusetts has over xxxxx miles of waterways and almost everyone lives within xxxx distance of a river. We rely on the rivers for drinking water, irrigation, and recreation while these ecosystems support plants and animals. Rivers and their watersheds impact every single one of us. Our lives, livelihoods and experiences revolve around water and the impacts of climate change will primarily be felt through water.

We believe that the best way to ensure a sustainable water future is to use innovative science and collaboration to build a movement.

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How we are making it happen

Healthy rivers, a sustainable water supply, and a sustainable economy go hand-in-hand. Rivers will sustain us if we help sustain them.

Mass Rivers works alongside our member organization, other environmental groups, and partners in government, industry, and academia to achieve our goals. Water impacts everyone, so our movement is stronger and our work more informed when people of all races, ages, genders, sexual orientation, incomes, and areas of the state can meaningfully contribute to environmental decision-making and advocacy.

Our four main focus areas are: Streamflow, water quality, investment in climate resiliency and improving wildlife habitat

Protecting Streamflow

To keep water in rivers, we advocate for improvements in state laws and policies that improve drought resiliency, reform water allocation policies, and update state water conservation standards.

Restoring Water Quality

More than half of the state’s rivers and streams fail to meet water quality standards due to stormwater pollution. We work to restore water quality through better permitting and enforcement of stormwater regulations, public outreach, education, and technical assistance for municipalities.

Investment in Climate Resiliency

We work for state investment in greener water infrastructure and other programs that improve and restore rivers through the annual state operating budget, the state capital budget, grant programs, and federal funding opportunities.

Improving Wildlife Habitat

Mass Rivers works to encourage dam removals and culvert replacements to increase free flowing river habitat in Massachusetts.

Our Rivers Need You

Join our Community of Advocates

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