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Assessing Infrastructure

See below for resources, links, tips, and a video recording on assessing infrastructure near dam removal projects. Webinar originally held April 3, 2024.

Dam removal projects in more urbanized settings often come with additional challenges of other infrastructure in the vicinity of the project area. Dam removal projects in these cases often also improve or address conditions for other nearby infrastructure such as bridges, culverts, pipelines.

Presented by: Kristopher Houle, Senior Project Manager, Tighe & Bond


Screen Shot 2023-06-15 at 12.16.31 PM.png


3:00- Start of Presentation
6:01- Overview of Major Project Elements
11:28- Establishing Project Goals/Objectives
16:00- Addressing Bridge Infrastructure
17:30- Addressing Utilities/Drainage
20:15- Addressing Nearby Buildings
23:26- Addressing Public Usage Infrastructure
24:12- Project Recap
25:48- Other Potential Infrastructure Considerations
28:42- Site Reconnaissance
33:54- Take-home Messages

35:18- Q&A


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Additional Resources

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