Executive Director

I love both rivers and people, so bringing people together to protect our rivers is a dream job for me.  I'm constantly inspired by what our small staff, together with our wonderful board, our volunteers, and our growing group of member organizations are accomplishing together.  We are so fortunate in our people - and in our rivers!  If you're having a meh day, get out on a river and I guarantee it will lift your spirits.

Julia Blatt
Policy Specialist

Rivers play a huge role in making ecosystems resilient in the face of climate change, and also are often the backbone of a community. I'm thrilled to be able to work for an organization whose mission I feel so passionately about, especially with so many great watershed associations and colleagues who share that passion.

Katharine Lange
Operations & Membership Manager

Growing up in California, rivers, and the relationship between rivers and the ocean, has always  made a place feel like home.  Rivers are transformative - whether calming or thrilling, ever changing - they change us - and what we do changes them.

Gretchen McClain
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Technical Specialist
Sarah Bower

I love rivers for the extremely vital and integral role they play in our ecosystem — serving as homes for diverse and endangered wildlife, as well as providing livelihoods, drinking water supplies, and cultural services for communities worldwide. They are ever changing, threatened systems that both nature and society rely on so heavily. That’s why I’m beyond excited to work with the Massachusetts Rivers Alliance to help protect our local rivers, restore them to their natural integrity, and create a more sustainable future for water use in the Commonwealth


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Anna Aguilera
Needham, MA
Roger Colton

"Rivers have always been a marvel to me. Being an Iowa Boy, I’ve seen rivers meander through the rich, deep, dark soil of farm fields, and cut deep gorges in otherwise flat prairie. Whether it is commerce, or recreation, or simply the desire to seek solitude, I’ve always marveled at rivers. But rivers cannot speak for themselves. They, too, need someone to give them a voice." 

Belmont, MA
Paul Beaulieu

“I grew up on rivers. They are my refuge and provide me solace during both good and trying times. I am proud to work with Mass Rivers Alliance- helping to ensure that our grandkids can also grow up on clean, healthy rivers.”

Granby, MA
Ian Cooke

“Ever since I was a kid, I've been fascinated by rivers as wild spaces that cut through, connect and reflect our communities whether those communities are out in the countryside or right in the city. With so many of us working to protect these places one river at a time, the Alliance keeps its eye on the big picture, bringing people together to advocate for things that all the rivers need to be healthy and vibrant.”

Acton, MA
Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 9.55.30 AM.png
Wayne Castonguay
Ipswich, MA

Rivers and watersheds are the lifeblood of our communities, supplying our drinking water, providing great ways to have fun outdoors and one of the best places to get respite from our busy lives. More than anything though rivers are marvels of the natural world where their variability, vulnerability and magnificence is on display everyday making me want to help protect them now and for the future.

Chris Doyle_Board Pic.png
Belmont, MA
Chris Doyle
Andrea Franz
Charlestown, MA
Vicki Krupp
Needham, MA

"I am a lifelong fan of outdoor activities and paddling has been among my favorites. [I] continue to explore local waterways, including the Charles, Sudbury, and Assabet rivers, as well as ocean coves and saltwater marshes. I have long admired the work of Mass Rivers Alliance. It has done an amazing job  protecting and restoring to health the rivers I have enjoyed for most of my life."

Mary Griffin

"I really enjoy working with the MA Rivers Alliance because it is a key voice in advocating for our rivers, the wildlife that depend them, and the needs of the fabulous people and watershed associations that work so hard to protect them."

Hingham, MA
Nagesh Mahanthappa
Cambridge, MA

"I love being both in and on the water, and marvel at how rivers connect us to each other in myriad ways.  Serving on the Mass Rivers board is a source of great pride for me because we have become not only the leading advocate on Beacon Hill for rivers and streams, but we punch way above our weight in positively influencing legislation for the environment at large!"

NHH photo.jpg
Nancy Hammett

“I love rivers and streams -- large and small, rural and urban.  I particularly love our urban rivers -- the lifeblood of the cities and a valuable resource for the people and wildlife who live there.  I'm so impressed by the amazing work Mass Rivers has done to preserve and further those gains.”

Watertown, MA
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Deirdre Menoyo
Manchester, MA
Heidi explore rivers.jpg
E. Heidi Ricci

“I feel lucky to live in a state with so many beautiful streams, from little headwater rivulets to wide mainstem rivers. The Squannacook is my favorite - with native trout, emerald damselfies, and a clear flowing water over small rapids.  I'm proud to be part of the Mass Rivers Alliance and to continue to contribute to the work of its many member organizations protecting our precious waterways.”

Shirley, MA
Emily Scerbo
Vice President

“As a water resources engineer, I know how human activities can have a major impact on rivers.  When people are careless with trash, use too much water, or replace forest with pavement, you can see the effect on the river.  But there is hope!  As a direct result of Mass Rivers Alliance’s work, we have seen that rivers can be healed and brought back to life.  This inspires me to keep working for change.”

Westminster, MA
Colrain, MA
Ellen Smith
Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 11.08.44
Mark P. Smith

All life depends on water. Rivers are the window through which we see
and understand the health of the waters in our state – and therefore the health of our communities and our environment. Rivers are both fragile and resilient. Making sure rivers remain clean, healthy and able to meet the needs of our communities is one of the biggest challenges and biggest opportunities we face. Mass Rivers is the catalyst for bringing together groups and individuals across the Commonwealth helping to meet these challenges and make the most of these opportunities – which is why I’m proud to help lead this organization.

Belmont, MA
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Eve Vogel
Amherst, MA