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FALL 2020

How does the arts community advocate for environmental progress in their work?
Mass Rivers spoke to five local artists to hear about their approach, their collaboration, and their impact.

Check out the recordings below!

A Choreographer's Response to Sea Level Rise

Jessie Jeanne Stinnet and "Surge"

October 14 2020

Jessie is a dancer, choreographer, and the founder and co-artistic director of Boston Dance Theater. Her current project, “Surge,” addresses the crisis of sea level rise, and the role that arts + science collaboration can play in creating a sustainable future.

Presented in partnership with the Boston Dance Theater

Visual Art as a Platform for Civic Engagement

David Fichter on the Mystic River Mural

October 28 2020

David has been creating public art, and engaging the public in artmaking, for over 35 years. His colorful murals celebrating the Mystic and Charles Rivers are beloved local landmarks.

Presented in partnership with the Somerville Arts Council

Embracing the Complexity of Climate Change

Chantal Bilodeau and "Sila"

November 4 2020

An award-winning playwright, Chantal is the Artistic Director of The Arctic Cycle, an organization that uses theatre to foster conversation about the global climate crisis and encourage people to take action.

Presented in partnership with the Central Square Theater

Stories of Conservation, Social Justice, and Community

A Conversation with Composer Oliver Caplan

November 11 2020

Award-winning composer Oliver writes melodies that nourish our souls, offering a voice of hope in an uncertain world. He is the Artistic Director of Juventas New Music Ensemble, a pioneering contemporary chamber group that presents music
by emerging voices.

Presented in partnership with the Juventas New Music Ensemble

Striking a Match for Justice!

Avi Salloway: Musician, Activist, and Leader of the Band Billy Wylder

November 18 2020

From Standing Rock to Jerusalem, the Sahel to Carnegie Hall, music has been the source of strength for Avi. As an activist, he uses music as a tool to build community, environmental and indigenous justice, and peace in the Middle East.

Presented in partnership with Club Passim

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