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Stormwater Financing Toolkit

Resources from our Summer 2023
Stormwater Financing 
Workshop Series

In the Summer of 2023, through collaboration with partnering organizations and support from the SuAsCo Wild and Scenic River Stewardship Council, Mass Rivers developed and hosted a three-part Stormwater Financing Workshop Series to help municipalities learn about and take advantage of short- and long-term funding solutions for stormwater management.


These workshops featured speakers from state and federal agencies, regional environmental and financial consultants, and local municipalities. Topics included state and federal grant funding, financing opportunities, and the development of long-term revenue streams through stormwater utility fees.

To review resources, materials, and information presented during the workshop series, please click the links below!

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Workshop 1:

Addressing New Stormwater Regulatory Pressure Through Asset Management and Grant Funding


Workshop 2:

Capitalizing on Federal Funding and Considering Stormwater Utilities as a Sustainable Funding Solution


Workshop 3:

Collaborative Approaches to Establishing Stormwater Utilities

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Partnering organizations:

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