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Explore Your Rivers

man kayaking on a river at sunset

Learn about Massachusetts' waterways, how to safely enjoy them, and the local organizations working to protect them.

Click on a river below to find information on swimming, paddling, boating fishing, and walking/biking opportunities in the watershed!

Mt Hope

*Please note that rivers not clickable on the map have information pages that are still under development. Check back soon for updates!

Cape Cod Bay

Be careful out on the water!

  • Always wear a safety vest when on the water.

  • Even calm rivers can present hazards, like high spring flows, dams, and other obstructions (downed trees can pose serious safety risks). 

  • In some rivers, high levels of bacteria and pathogens prevent safe swimming. Be sure to refer to postings by state agencies and local watershed organizations for information on related advisories. 

  • Watch for poison ivy alongside rivers, and always check for ticks after spending time in the woods! 

Do your research! 

  • Are you going to a coastal river? Check the tides so you don't end up stranded!

  • Both floods and droughts can inhibit safe boating. Check the weather and streamflow before you go!

  • Some watershed groups have up-to-date information on river conditions, such as flow levels on the Ipswich River, and river obstructions in the Sudbury-Assabet-Concord watersheds.

  • When in doubt, check with your local watershed or conservation organization for safe paddling spots and where to park. 

Executive Director Julia Blatt catching a fish while fly fishing in 2017

Help us explore!

  • There are close to 300 named rivers spanning over 8,000 river-miles across the state - If you discover errors or have additional points you like us to add, please let us know!

  • The information gathered for this section came from a variety of sources, including online and print publications developed by Mass Rivers’ member organizations, interviews with local river “experts,” Google Maps, and state and federal agency publications.  We have tried to cite and link to all sources. 

Paddling, swimming, fishing, walking, biking, birding...there are many ways to enjoy a river!

Check out our transportation page to see accessible driving, train, and bus routes to our rivers!  

Explore the map below to find locations of major rivers and streams, boat access points, walking and biking trails, and local transit options.

*Navigating the map: Zoom in to a desired location to see more map elements displayed. Use the       icon to view the map legend and the       icon to toggle map layers on and off. Click on the different map elements and use the        icon to learn more (i.e. trail name, watershed name, transit stop, etc.). 

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Map created by Mass Rivers' Intern, Caley Earls

Children playing on Westfield River 2015 Bill Parker.jpg
Katharine Cape Cod Rail Trail Bass River.JPG
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