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Towns in the Ware River Watershed:

  • Hubbardson

  • Oakham

  • Rutland

  • Worcester

Major Tributaries:

  • Bickford Pond

  • Winimusset Brook

  • Danforth Brook

  • Flat Brook

  • Beaver Brook

  • Swift River

What's happening on the Ware River watershed?

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Organizations working in the Ware River Watershed​:


Ware River Nature Club

Connecticut River Conservancy

Friends of the Ware River Watershed

  • Deputy Director for Policy
    Mass Rivers is currently seeking a Deputy Director of Policy. Please click here for a detailed job description and instructions for how to apply.
Ware River Activities
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Walk, Hike, Bike
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Boating & Sailing
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There are no swimming locations on the Ware River. 

For more swimming and boating information, see the Connecticut River Watershed's webpage: Is It Clean? 

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Walk, Hike, Bike

Hike, Walk, Run

Walking, hiking and biking locations:

  • Ware River Rail Trail (Baldwinville - Templeton) is 12 miles long.

    • For a map of the trail, click here.

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For a detailed list of access points on the Ware River, see the Chicopee 4Rivers' new Blue Trail Map and this list from the Massachusetts Paddler. Street addresses listed below are the nearest street access to the paddling location.  

Paddling locations: 

  • Brigham Pond Dam (Hubbardston)

    •  Access at 10 Old Princeton Road

  • Route 62 Culvert (Hubbardston)

    •  Access at 109 Old Boston Turnpike

  • Bickford Pond (Hubbardston)

    •  Access at 50 Lombard Road

  • Roadside Launch (Hubbardston) 

    •  Access at 130 River Road, Rutland

  • East County Road Bridge (Route 68) (Rutland)

    •  Access at 2 Intervale Road

  • Intervale Road Access (Rutland)

    • Access at 260 Intervale Road

  • Barre Falls Dam (Barre)

    • Access at Barre Falls

  • Washout off Granger Road (Barre)

    •  Access at Lakey Lane

  • Barre-Oakham Border Launch (Worcester)

    • Access at 1186 Worcester

  • Ware River Diversion Dam- Route 122 (Barre)

    •  Access at 1098 Worcester Road

  • Massachusetts Central Rail Trail Footbridge (Barre)

    • Access at 1311 Worcester Road

  • Powder Mill Pond Dam (Barre)

    •  Access at 918 Worcester Road

  • South Barre Dam (Barre)

    • Access at 7 Oak Street

  • Dam Portage on the left (east) side near the airport (Brookfield)

    •  Access at 35 Mill Street

  • New Furnace Launch Put-in (Gilbertville)

    •  Access at 1530 Barre Road

  • Creamery Road Bridge (Gilbertville)

    •  Access at the park entrance - 68 Church Street

  • Ware-Hardwick Covered BridgeWare River (Gilbertville)

    •  Access at 2 Bridge Street

  • Ware River Reservoir- Grenville Park (Ware)

    •  Access at the park entrance - 68 Church Street

  • Upper Mill Dam (Ware)

    •  Access at 15 Canal Street

  • Lower Mill Dam (Ware)

    • Access at 30 Maple Street 

  • Veterans Memorial Field (Ware)

    • Access at 36 Monroe Street

  • Route 32 Bridge on Palmer Road (Ware)

    •  Access at 366 Palmer Road

  • Summer Street Bridge and Emery Road (Palmer)

    •  Access at 2 Emery Street

  • Thorndike Upper Damn Portage Take-out (Thorndike)

    •  Access at 4 Hill Street

  • Thorndike Lowe Dam Portage Put-In (Thorndike)

    • Access at 4021 Main Street

  • Route 181 Bridge- Mile 1.25 (Palmer)

    •  Access at 3099 Sykes Street

  • Ware River Mouth & Chicopee River Begins (Three Rivers) 

    •  Access at 2028 Main Street

  • For more detailed information on permitted activities on the Ware River, see Mass Gov's activity regulations for the Ware River 

  • The Ware River Intake Zone is restricted to all recreational activity due to being a supply of drinking water. Any permitted activities detailed in the above document do not apply to the Ware River Intake Zone. 

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Boating & Sailing


Personal water crafts (ie. jet skis) and motorized boats are prohibited on the Ware River. Non-motorized boting is allowed in all areas except for the intake zone. For more information, see the Ware River's recreational guidelines.

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Shoreline fishing is permitted in the Ware River Watershed except in restricted areas. Common species include brook, brown, and rainbow trout. 


Fishing locations in the watershed:


  • Peppers Mill Pond Dam (Ware). 

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