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Whether you're a seasoned advocate, or you're just getting started, navigating the regulatory, legislative, and legal worlds of environmental advocacy can be tricky.

Mass Rivers is here to help!


  • Make a Difference

    You can use your voice and energy to make a difference in your community! There are many opportunities in the policy process for you to get involved, whether you’re looking to make change at the local, state, or federal level!.

  • Bring Local Perspective

    Lawmakers don’t know your experience until you share it with them. Their perspective from the State House may not match what you observe on the ground.

    Bring local stories that show how the issue affects you, your family, and your community. It’s your elected officials’ job to represent you, so make sure they know what issues impact you the most. 

  • Gain Visibility for your Cause & Organization

    Many environmental regulations slip under the public’s radar. Your advocacy can bring them to light and educate those around you. 

  • Strengthen Existing Efforts

    Many non-profits and other organizations are already working on the cause - you don’t have to start from scratch. Join the team! You’ll meet other passionate people along the way.


Founded in 2007, Mass Rivers works to strengthen statewide river policies in four areas: water quality, streamflow, wildlife habitat, and investment in green infrastructure.

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