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Tips & Extra Resources

boston state house

Tips for Success

  • Get to know the Chairs and staff of the committees who will be ruling on your bill. Make sure to send them your best data, and always thank them for your time. 

  • How to Stay Optimistic

    • Celebrate small victories - the big win might not happen for months (years, decades…), so it’s crucial to celebrate small milestones as they happen. Gain new volunteers/supporters? Great. Have a slam dunk media piece? Awesome. Make a change somewhere, even if it was different than the goal? Good work.

    • Take time away from the fight - Every occupation needs time away from work, and advocacy is no different! A campaign can be draining. Don’t feel bad for taking a break - we need you refreshed and fired up later!

    • Rely on partners - We’re all in this together! Your partners can become your close friends along the way. Lean on each other for emotional support if the going gets tough.

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