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Take Action!

Whether you're working with an organization, a group of concerned citizens, or just representing yourself, there's action you can take to influence policy and connect with legislators on issues that matter to you!

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Action for Individuals

Join the Club

Your local watershed association, land trust or other environmental group can connect you to where you live in new ways and introduce you to people who share your passion! Browse Mass Rivers members or see a map of groups focused on river protection.

Talk to Family & Friends

You can raise awareness anytime, anywhere within your own network. Bringing up a recent news story or experience is a great way to start the conversation at home. We need everyone’s help in fighting for a healthy and thriving future - start by recruiting your friends!

Use Social Media

Connect with organizations doing the work! Like, comment, and share their content so it gets a boost with social media algorithms. It’s a free way to get more people to see their work.

Attend Local Meetings

Get involved locally by attending your municipality's public decision-making meetings. Check out your municipality's website and look for meetings of the planning & zoning boards, conservation commissions, and boards of health. Most are accessible by Zoom. 

Action for Organizations

Arrange a Meeting

Meet with your elected officials one-on-one to talk about a specific issue or to introduce your organization to their office. 

What is Lobbying? 
Meeting with Elected Officials

Organize a Lobby Day

Gather your members and supporters and head to Beacon Hill (or to the Zoom room) for a series of meetings with your legislators on a particular topic. Mass Rivers holds a biannual Lobby for the Rivers day in March of odd-numbered years. Talk to us for help with planning your own efforts - and join ours!

Host a Site Visit

Hold a Legislative Breakfast

Legislative breakfasts are casual, fun events to mingle with legislators and their staff while raising awareness for your issue. Invite all legislators to stop by your table, bring lots of printed info to share, and talk to Mass Rivers for help planning!

Invite all district legislators to experience your wonderful open spaces first hand so they can think back to their nature walk next time they vote on the environment. It's best to avoid these during election season, and this can be done in a socially distanced way.

Hold a Candidate Forum

During election season, you can hold a forum on environmental issues and invite all candidates. Be sure to give everybody equal speaking time and promotion. Can be done virtually!

Educate the Public

Using your media platforms and membership, stage a public education campaign letting folks know the cause, impacts, and specific actions on what they can do to help on an issue.  

How do I get my organization's board involved?

First they have to understand why advocacy relates to your mission. Make the connection between the bill/regulation at hand and how it directly impacts your work.

Board Members can assist in creating policy strategy and setting policy priorities. They can get personally involved, by advocating themselves or spreading the word to their networks. Encourage Board Members to attend any advocacy events, like Lobby Days or Call-In Days. 

Read more tips on engaging Board Members in advocacy >>

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