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The Farmington River

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Towns in the Farmington River Watershed:

  • Becket

  • Blandford

  • Granville​

  • Monterey

  • New Marlborough

  • Otis

  • Sandisfield

  • Tolland 

  • Tyringham

Major Tributaries:

  • Clam River

  • Fall River

  • Mill Brook

  • Moody Brook

  • Salmon Brook

  • Thorp Brook

What's happening in the Farmington River Watershed? Click here to find out!

Organizations working in the

Farmington River Watershed​:

 Farmington River Watershed Association 

  • Deputy Director for Policy
    Mass Rivers is currently seeking a Deputy Director of Policy. Please click here for a detailed job description and instructions for how to apply.

What Are People Saying?

"One of our favorite parts of the river is to see the amazing wildlife!"

"The [Farmington River] watershed in Massachusetts is approximately 85% forested and hosts a plethora of wildlife including the peregrine falcon, a recovering endangered species, as well as numerous fish species, including Atlantic salmon."

- Farmington River Watershed Association

Farmington River Activities
Walk, Hike, Bike
Boating & Sailing
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While it is safe to swim in, there are no designated swimming locations on the Farmington River. See this webpage from the Farmington River Watershed Association for more information on water quality and swimming.

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Walk, Hike, Bike

Hike, Walk, Run

Please contact us with information on walking, hiking, and biking trails in Massachusetts along the Farmington River. 

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For paddling and boating information, check out the Farmington River Watershed Association's recreation guide. There is also a complete list of river access points by The Massachusetts Paddler. 

For additional information on paddling the river, click here

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Boating & Sailing


For paddling and boating information, please see this complete list of river access points by The Massachusetts Paddler and recreation guide by the Farmington River Watershed Association. 

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Most common fish species found in the Farmington River are native trout, carp, smallmouth bass, and salmon (occasionally). 


Fishing locations in the watershed (MA only):

  • Lower Farmington River

  • Mountain View Campground (Sandisfield)​

For information about fishing the Farmington River, click here.

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