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Towns in the Parker River Watershed:

  • Boxford

  • Georgetown

  • Groveland

  • ​Ipswich

  • Newbury

  • Newburyport

  • North Andover

  • ​Rowley

  • West Newbury

Major Tributaries:

  • Beaver Brook​

  • Egypt River

  • Little River

  • Mill River

  • Penn Brook

  • Rowley River

  • Wheeler Brook

What's happening in the
Parker River Watershed?
Click here & here to find out!

Organizations working in the

Parker River Watershed:​

Parker River Clean Water Association

  • Deputy Director for Policy
    Mass Rivers is currently seeking a Deputy Director of Policy. Please click here for a detailed job description and instructions for how to apply.
Parker River Activities
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Walk, Hike, Bike
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Boating & Sailing
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Swimming locations in the watershed:

  • Refuge Beach (Newbury) is located at Plum Island.


  • Stage Island (Ipswich) is located at the southern tip of Plum Island.


  • Sandy Point State Reservation (Ipswich). This 77-acre beach is located at the southern end of Plum Island.

    • Sandy Point Public Parking: 37-39 Refuge Road in Ipswich


  • Plum Island Beach (Newburyport) is an 11 mile long barrier Island off the shore of Newburyport and Newbury. 

    • The parking lot is able to accommodate 150 vehicles

    • Enter the parking lot using the entrance adjacent to 278 Northern Blvd, Newburyport

    • Do not enter through Reservation Terrace

      • Vehicles found entering there are subject to fines and towing

    • Parking lot fee for non-residents

      • Weekday: $15

      • Weekend: $20

    • Parking lot fee for Newburyport resident w/ sticker (click here for sticker) 

      • Weekday: $10

      • Weekend: $12

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Walk, Hike, Bike

Hike, Walk, Run

Walking, hiking, and biking locations:

  • North Pool Trail (Newbury) is a migratory bird refuge with observation towers and fishing opportunities, and public tours.

    • Wheelchair accessible entrance.


  • Bill Forward Photo Blind Trail (Newburyport) is a 0.05 mile gravel trail. 


  • Hellcat Wildlife Trail (Newburyport) is a loop trail that begins at trailhead parking (Rte 101).


  • Marsh Loop Trail (Newburyport) is a 0.59 mile trail along a boardwalk.


  • North Pool Trail (Newburyport) is a road/gravel trail that begins at Hellcat Wildlife Trail parking (Rte 101). 


  • Pines Trail (Rowley) is a 0.24 mile gravel loop trail. 

    • Wheelchair accessible. 


  • Stage Island Pool Overlook (Newburyport) is a paved trail that begins at Parking Lot 6 (Rte 910).

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Paddling locations:

  • Parker River National Wildlife Refuge (Newburyport). This water trail consists of two segments: Orange Trail and Yellow Trail. Click here for more information.

    • Access at 6 Plum Island Turnpike in Newburyport

  • Newbury Kayak and Canoe (Newbury). This rental place and boat ramp allows you to either rent a canoe/kayak or bring your own. Click here for more information. 

    • Launching is free, but parking is $10 per day.

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Boating & Sailing


Boating locations:

  • Newbury Town Landing (Newbury). Click here for information.


  • Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Boat Ramp (Plum Island). Click here for information.  

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The Parker River is a favorite fishing place for trout. 

Fishing locations in the watershed: 

  • Nelson Island (Rowley). Fishing here is permitted every Sunday as well as everyday from mid-February to September 1st.

    • Click here for more information. ​


  • Sandy Point State Reservation (Ipswich). Fishing is allowed at this 77 acres beach, located at the southern end of Plum Island.

    • Sandy Point Public Parking: 37-39 Refuge Road in Ipswich

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