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Towns in the Bass River Watershed:

  • Dennis

  • Yarmouth

Major Tributaries:
  • The Weir Creek

  • Labans Pond

  • Dinahs Pond

  • Mill Pond

  • Hamblins Brook

  • Muddy Creek

What's happening in the Bass River? Click here to find out!

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Environmental Concerns for the Bass

As of 2020, one of the biggest environmental concerns for the Bass River is rising nitrogen levels due to the installation of septic tanks in surrounding towns. Increased nitrogen concentrations lead to algal growth, which depletes the oxygen in the water and makes the river unsafe for recreation. See water quality for many of Cape Cod's waterbodies on APCC's State of the Waters: Cape Cod 2020 >>

Additional Facts

Did You Know?

  • According to Friends of Bass River, “Though never proven, some historians believe that Follins Pond might have been Vinland, the winter home of Viking explorer Leif Ericson.”
  • Pawkunnawkut Indians inhabited both sides of the Bass River.
  • The Bass River was named after Jeremiah Basse, a former governor of West and East Jersey.

Bass River Activities
Walk, Hike, Bike
Boating & Sailing
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It is safe to swim in the Bass River. However, there are some locations which swimming is prohibited by the town of Yarmouth. These locations include the Route 28 Bass River Bridge, the Highbank Bridge or the Penn Central Bridge. To learn more, click here.  

Swimming locations:

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Hike, Walk, Bike


Walking locations:

  • Indian Lands Conservation Area (Dennis) provides a peaceful place to walk or enjoy the scenery of the Bass River. 

  • Keegan and Wilbur Park (Yarmouth)

Biking locations:

  • Cape Cod Rail Trail. This bike path travels from South Yarmouth to Wellfleet, spanning over 25 miles with an additional spur to Chatham via the Old Colony Rail Trail. The trail briefly crosses over the river for nice views and passes by many Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority bus stops. It begins 3 miles from the Hyannis Transportation Center which has many bus and train connections. 

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Paddling locations/rentals:

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Boating & Sailing


Boating locations:

You can take both big and small boats. The Bass River provides access to Nantucket Sound. 

  • Bass River Marina at Horsefoot Cove (West Dennis). Concrete ramp for boats.

    • No fee, space for 9 trailers and 4 cars.

Information about Rentals: 

Friend of the Bass River boating and safety information >>

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There are many opportunities to fish on the Bass River. Learn about fishing & shellfishing on the Bass >>


It is important to get a Recreational Saltwater Fishing Permit. Be aware of Recreational Saltwater Fishing Regulations

Fishing locations:

  • Keegan Boat Ramp (Yarmouth)
    • Parking for 16 trailers and 10 cars. No Fee.