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Towns in the Weir River Watershed:

  • Cohasset

  • Hingham

  • Hull

  • Norwell

  • Rockland

  • Weymouth

Major Tributaries:

  • Plymouth River/Crooked Meadow River

  • Fulling Mill Brook

  • Accord Brook

  • Tower Brook

What's happening in the

Weir River watershed? Click here to find out!

Organizations working in the Weir River Watershed​:

 Weir River Watershed Association 

North and South Rivers Watershed Association

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Environmental Concerns for the Weir River

Because of Weir River’s unique ecosystem of tidal and non-tidal sections, it is especially susceptible to shifts in nutrient balances. As a result, the river has been declared a critical environmental concern by the State of Massachusetts in 1986. Click here to learn more. The Weir River also suffers from low flow conditions during dry summers.

Additional Facts

History: The Weir River watershed was an important economic center during colonial times. The Plymouth colony started trade with Native American inhabitants of the Weir as early as 1621 and the towns of Hingham and Hull were incorporated in 1635 and 1644, respectively. These colonies were based mostly around marine activities, such as fishing. Later on, industry took hold in both towns. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the towns of Hingham and Hull became more tourism-oriented as industry and fishing declined. The river was dredged from Foundry Pond (which divides the tidal and non-tidal sections of the river) to Main Street in the mid-1950s as an effort to control flooding. Did you know? The Weir River is home to the pied-billed Grede (Podilymbus podiceps), which is an endangered species.

What Are People Saying?

“Most challenging thing about working on the Weir River is the public has little appreciation for it so it is not high on the list of things to be concerned about. The river suffers from no and low flows due to over withdrawals in the summertime but it is not something that people see the impacts of or seemingly care about preventing.”

“My favorite memory of the Weir River is paddle boarding at dawn on an incoming tide and seeing an eagle and an osprey on the same trip!”

- Samantha Woods

Weir River Activities
Walk, Hike, Bike
Boating & Sailing
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As a class B river, the Weir River is safe for recreational activities, including swimming. 

Swimming locations:

  • World's End (Hingham) is a 251-acre park that includes places to swim, walk, fish, and more.

    • For directions, click here

    • Parking is available on-site. There is an entrance fee. ​

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Walk, Hike, Bike


Walking, hiking, and biking locations:

  • Whitney and Thayer Woods (Cohasset) near the Weir River Farm has multiple hiking trails that are publicly accessible. 

    • For a map, click ​here

    • For directions, click here

  • World's End Park (Hingham) has trails for exploring. For more information, refer to the Swimming section. 

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Paddling is permitted on the Weir River. For paddling locations and more, check out the
Weir River Paddle Guide & Map for Recreational Use

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Boating & Sailing


Please contact us with any information about boating the Weir River. ​

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Fishing locations:

  • Click here for a map of more fishing locations along the Weir River and in the watershed.

For information about Weir River fish, check out this article by the Weir River Watershed Association and the Weir River Estuary Park Committee.