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Assessing Local Impacts

See below for resources, links, tips, and a video recording on assessing local historic and Indigenous impacts of dam removal. Webinar originally held February 7, 2024.

Dam removal projects often go through permitting to comply with the National Historic Preservation Act and other legal requirements to protect historic and cultural resources. Indigenous communities, townspeople, dam abutters, and other stakeholders can also have significant interests in preserving cultural assets. This presentation will show you how to assess the historic, cultural, and indigenous aspects of a dam removal project. David Gould presents his 20+ years of experience working to remove 8 dams in Plymouth, MA, a National Archaeological and Historic district.

Presented by: David Gould, Director, Town of Plymouth Dept. of Energy and Environment




3:10- Start of Presentation
10:40- Native History Considerations
12:30- Natural History Considerations
13:56- Overview of Historical/Archaeological Review Process
17:25- Basic Terms to Know
21:14- Common Steps in the Permit Process

24:50- Billington Street Dam Removal Case Study
26:50- Avoidance and Mitigation
34:45- Q&A


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