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Introduction to Dam Removal

See below for key information from the presentation shared at the webinar that was originally held November 1, 2023.

Introduction to Dam Removal

This presentation will introduce you to the Dam Busters webinar series, the dam removal process, and the role of the dam removal manager. We give a general overview of planning for dam removal, project scoping, dam removal engineering and design, working with groups of stakeholders, troubleshooting for issues like sediment and impoundments, cost assessment and feasibility, permitting, fundraising, and the benefits of river and habitat restoration such as restoring connectivity, improving water quality.

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Presented by: Beth Lambert, Director, MA Division of Ecological Restoration

Download the full slide presentation here: The Dam Removal Process and the Role of the Project Manager


2:45- Beginning of presentation
7:00- Overview of dams in Massachusetts
12:50- Role of the project manager
16:40- Overview of the dam removal process
39:45- Q&A

Additional Resources

American Rivers Small Dam Removal Guide

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