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Overview of Engineering and Design

See below for resources, links, tips, and a video recording of the overview of engineering and design of dam removal webinar.

Webinar originally held March 6, 2024.

This webinar goes over the many steps in the design process of dam removal including preliminary designs, pre-removal assessments, removal of the dam itself, dam removal methods, and how to manage site and permit issues.

Presented by: Nick Nelson, Fluvial Geomorphologist & Regional Director, Inter-Fluve




2:35- Start of Presentation
6:45- Take Home Messages
ssessment and Data Collection

9:23- forensic geomorphology/habitat assessment
12:05- survey
14:04- impounded sediment

Data Analyses
18:45- hydrology
/hydraulic modeling
20:00- design s

22:12- dam removal designs
24:29- levels of design examples

27:00- construction cost estimates
29:01- ways of removing dams
30:34- common challenges (access, water control, people)
32:58- sediment management (active vs passive)

34:45- construction observation
35:41- Q&A

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Additional Resources

Mass Division of Ecological Restoration- Restoration Project Map
American Rivers- Dam Removal Database
American Rivers- Map of U.S. Dams Removed Since 1912
American Rivers- National Dam Removal Community of Practice Website

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