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Action Alert! Speak up for climate resilience!

Let's make Massachusetts climate ready by scaling up our response to drought.

The drought bill is essential to keeping Massachusetts' water supplies and rivers healthy in a changing climate. many of you advocated for it during Lobby for the Rivers Day in March. Together we shined a spotlight on this issue and secured 46 legislative cosponsors. Now we need your help with the next step! The drought bill is scheduled for a hearing before the Joint Committee on Environment and Natural Resources next Wednesday April 26 at 1 PM, and legislators need to hear that you care about this issue.

The dry riverbed of Fuller Brook in Wellesley last summer.

We need your help!

Call or email your state legislators by Wednesday 4/26 and encourage them to support the bill. Here's how:


We especially need your help if your legislator is on the Environment Committee:


Here's a sample email :

“Dear Representative/Senator ______,

My name is ___________ and I am a resident of ___________. I am writing to request that you urge your colleagues in ENR to report H.861/S.475 favorably out of committee.

Climate change is bringing more frequent and more severe droughts to Massachusetts, and our current management is falling short. This bill would give the State the authority to require water conservation during drought. The conservation measures would apply to non-essential water use by all water users in a drought region. Essential users, such as agriculture, would be exempted.

Scaling up our response to drought will give our waterways and the people and wildlife that depend on them the best chance at a healthy future.

I support this bill, and in the interest of public safety, public health, and the environment, I hope you will encourage your colleagues in ENR to report the bill out favorably. Thank you for your time and consideration."


Let's keep the momentum going and keep this bill moving!

Thank you so much for your help!

Questions? Contact Mass Rivers Senior Policy Specialist Katharine Lange (

The dry bottom of Hoppin Hill Reservoir North Attleboro last July.

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