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Summer Drought in Full Swing - the Perfect Time to Pass the Drought Bill!

The most recent drought map, published mid June.

It's summer in New England! Sunny days full of ice cream trucks, beach days, and increasingly, drought. With a month left of the legislative session, it's the perfect time to enact stronger protections for our waterways during these dry events.

Right now most of our state is experiencing drought. Newburyport down to New Bedford is in "Significant Drought," while the Islands and our Central and Connecticut River Valley regions have entered "Mild Drought."

The Northeast Region jumped two levels this month - from normal conditions to "Significant Drought." According to the Department of Conservation and Recreation, such a quick change is unprecedented, and indicative of flash drought conditions.

Want to protect your water supply during drought? Ensure wildlife habitat? Maintain your favorite swimming hole? Take 5 minutes to send one email in support of the Drought Bill!

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How to email the Senate Ways & Means Committee

How to call the Senate Ways & Means Committee

Background on the Bill

How to email the Senate Ways & Means Committee:

  1. Copy and paste Chair Rodrigues and Vice Chair Friedman's email addresses:

  2. CC your own Senator. Find your Senator and their email address >>

  3. Copy and paste this Subject Line (or add your own flair!) MA is in drought - please pass S.530!

  4. Copy and paste this message - but be sure to fill in your own details!

Dear Chair Rodrigues and Vice Chair Friedman,