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3 Ways to Celebrate World Water Day in Massachusetts

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

World Water Day (March 22) is a moment every year to give thanks for the water available to us every day, and reflect on how deeply we depend on that availability. While this is a worldwide celebration, we certainly have a lot to be thankful for in Massachusetts: clean drinking water, gorgeous rivers, and incredible coastlines.

World Water Day is also an opportunity to learn about the challenges facing our water supply and ecosystems. We have our fair share of those in Massachusetts too: drought, sewage pollution, old dams that disconnect rivers, and climate change looming over life as we know it.

Say thanks to the environment that provides us with so much by taking action!

1. Speak up for rivers! Help us pass two priority bills that protect water quality and quantity across Massachusetts. For these bills to advance, legislators need to see widespread public support - that's where you come in!

💧 The drought bill (H.898/S.530) would make water conservation measures uniform regionally during a drought to make our watersheds more resilient in increasingly dry times. With climate change making droughts more frequent and more severe, our state needs to implement a more robust water conservation program. Learn more about drought in MA >>

>> Contact the Senate Ways & Means Committee with your drought experiences, and let them know this is a priority bill for you, your town, or your organization! Have photos of dried up waterways? Send them to the committee along with local experiences. Are you nervous about your well running low? Has the water level at your favorite fishing spot or swimming hole gone too low? Send your support to the Senate Ways & Means committee by copy-and-pasting members' email addresses from this document:

Ways and Means Legislators 2022
Download DOCX • 7KB

S530 Mass Rivers Support.docx
Download PDF • 190KB

Read Mass Rivers' most recent testimony on the drought bill:

🌿 The invasive species bill (H.999/S.563) would coordinate the state's existing invasive species resources into one office and create a grant program for municipalities and non-profit organizations to do bread-and-butter invasive species prevention, outreach, and eradication work. Learn more about invasive species in MA >>

>> Contact the House Ways & Means Committee & let them know that your municipality or organization would benefit from this bill! Feel free to send photos or share your stories: when could you have used better invasive species guidance? where is there a lack of funding for this work? Send your support to the House Ways & Means Committee by copy-and-pasting members' email addresses from this document:

Ways and Means Legislators 2022
Download DOCX • 7KB

H999 Mass Rivers Support
Download PDF • 207KB

Read Mass Rivers' most recent testimony in support of the invasive species bill:

2. Show your support for our two bills by asking your municipality to endorse one or both of our priority bills! See the list of supporters so far for the 💧drought bill and the 🌿invasives bill! Demonstrating municipal support for these bills is a huge help. Contact Katharine if you need help! Endorsement sign up here >>

3. Connect with your local watershed group protecting water where you live! See who's working on water near you >>

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