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6 Easy Ways to Take Action for Your Rivers Today!

March 14 is not only #PiDay, but also #InternationalDayofActionforRivers!

While people around the world take action for rivers (and enjoy pie) today, there are easy ways you can have an impact here in Massachusetts too! Whether you're a lifelong advocate for the environment or looking to make a meaningful difference in your everyday life, there's a role for everyone to play in ensuring our rivers are beautiful and clean assets that sustain our communities existing and future needs.

Here are things you can do right now that help protect rivers:

Speak up for your rivers!

  • Learn who your state officials are. Environmental decisions are made at the federal, state and local levels. Although what’s happening in D.C. may feature more in the news, local policy actually affects your life more day to day, and is easier to get involved with and have a stronger impact. Take 2 minutes today to learn who represents you at the State House, and send them a brief email sharing what issues you’d like them to work on. Even a short email can remind them that their constituents prioritize climate issues.

  • Write to your state legislators in support of the drought bill. We need your help in making Massachusetts more climate resilient - and it only takes 5 minutes! Our top legislative priority right now, the drought bill (H.861/S.475), is pending in the legislature. This bill would ensure that our science-based process for measuring drought continues into the future, and would ramp up our water conservation during drought, meeting the challenge of climate change. Learn more about the bill and how you can support good environmental policy with just one email >>

Take action at home!

  • Find the perfect native plant for your yard! Embrace sustainable gardening practices this spring by planting native plants. Native plants support pollinators, reduce stormwater pollution, and conserve water (saving you money on your water bill)! Plus they are gorgeous and beautify any home. 

  • Look into adding a rain barrel. Rain barrels collect rain from your gutters so you can use it later to water your garden or lawn and conserve water. Many municipalities and local environmental organizations even offer them discounted or even free!

  • Adopt a storm drain. Keep contaminated runoff out of your rivers by adopting a storm drain in your neighborhood, Sweeping away debris and leaves reduces the chance of contamination during storms, and helps alleviate localized flooding.

  • Connect with your rivers! Whether it be a picnic, an afternoon in a kayak, or enjoying a book by the water, enjoy the amazing outdoor spaces our state has to offer! 

If you are looking to extend your impact, join a local environmental or watershed organization to help make your local rivers and streams healthier. Need ideas for which groups to join in your area? Our list of member organizations is a great place to start. Also, you can always sign up for our Mass Rivers eNews to get the latest Massachusetts water news every two weeks! 

After you enjoy the sweetness of taking action for your rivers today, don't forget to treat yourself to a slice of pie for #PiDay!

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