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Legislators Cosponsor Sewage Pollution Notification Bill

A big thank you to the 83 legislators who have signed on in support of An Act promoting awareness of sewage pollution in public waters (S.490/H.751), sponsored by Senator Pat Jehlen, Representative Linda Dean Cambpell and Representative Denise Provost. This legislation would require that the public is notified whenever there is a sewage spill in their local waterways. We think the public has a right to know – do you? To see the full list of state representatives and senators currently supporting the bill, see the below list.

If you see your legislator on the list below, please take a moment to give them a call and thank them for their support. Don’t see your state representative or senator on the list? Call them today and let them know they can still sign on as a cosponsor for the Senate version of the bill (S.490).

State Representatives

Rep. Arciero

Rep. Ashe

Rep. Balser

Rep. Barber

Rep. Benson

Rep. Blais

Rep. Cabral

Rep. Cahill

Rep. Campbell

Rep. Capano

Rep. Ciccolo

Rep. Connolly

Rep. Cutler

Rep. Day

Rep. Decker

Rep. Domb

Rep. Donahue

Rep. Dooley

Rep. Dykema

Rep. Ehrlich

Rep. Fernandes

Rep. Galvin

Rep. Garballey

Rep. Garlick

Rep. Gentile

Rep. Golden

Rep. Gonzalez

Rep. Gordon

Rep. Gouveia

Rep. Hecht

Rep. Hendricks

Rep. Higgins

Rep. Hill

Rep. Hogan

Rep. Kane

Rep. Kearney

Rep. Keefe

Rep. Kelcourse

Rep. Khan

Rep. Lewis

Rep. Livingstone

Rep. Madaro

Rep. Malia

Rep. Mark

Rep. McMurtry

Rep. Meschino

Rep. Minniuci

Rep. Mirra

Rep. Moran

Rep. Nguyen

Rep. Provost

Rep. Robertson

Rep. Robinson

Rep. D. Rogers

Rep. Ryan

Rep. Stanley

Rep. Ultrino

Rep. Vargas

Rep. Velis

Rep. Vincent

Rep. Vitolo

Rep. Williams

State Senators

Sen. Barrett

Sen. Collins

Sen. Comerford

Sen. Creem

Sen. Crighton

Sen. DiDomenico

Sen. DiZoglio

Sen. Eldridge

Sen. Feeney

Sen. Finegold

Sen. Friedman

Sen. Gobi

Sen. Humason

Sen. Jehlen

Sen. Kennedy

Sen. Lewis

Sen. Lovely

Sen. Moore

Sen. Rausch

Sen. Tarr

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