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Major Federal Water Protection Repealed 

Late last week, the Trump administration took another major step forward in revoking some of the most fundamental national protections for our waters.  

The administration is expected to shortly remove and replace scientifically-supported water protections (the Clean Water Rule) which were designed to clarify the scope of Clean Water Act protections, which include protections for headwaters, intermittent and ephemeral streams, and wetlands. The proposed replacement rule would substantially weaken the Clean Water Act, one of the Nation’s most effective natural resource laws, and make it easier for corporations to pollute our waterways.

Their repeal reinstitutes the state of affairs prior to the Obama administration’s 2015 Clean Water rule – which is based on various informal policies and guidance and conflicting court rulings. “A mess”, as one expert put it. The Trump Administration still needs to finalize their proposed replacement rule and this is likely to be made public within the next four months.   

We have been working with state and federal partners and mobilizing our members to weigh in throughout this entire process in an effort to combat this proposal. Several national groups are gearing up to appeal the new rule and we will keep you informed about additional opportunities to support these efforts. 

There is no formal rule-making action to take at this point, since the comment period has ended. However, this is yet another important example of the Trump Administration’s multi-pronged attack on water protections, and it is important to raise public awareness of this overall campaign.    

Now more than ever, we need to strengthen our efforts at the state level to make sure our rivers and streams are protected. 

Here at Mass Rivers, we are proud to serve as the only leading statewide advocacy organization for our water resources across the Commonwealth and we are determined to make sure that the Trump administration’s rollback doesn’t ravage our backyard. 

Will you support our efforts to maintain crucial protections for Massachusetts waterways? 

Please give now to help us continue this vital work.

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