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Call State House by July 12 noon

Amendment #174 Awareness of Sewage Pollution in Public Waters (filed by Senator Jehlen)

Amendment #198 CSO Monitoring and Notification (filed by Senator Jehlen) These amendments require public notice when man-made pollutant discharges, including spills of raw sewage, make rivers unsafe for swimming, boating, and fishing.  The second amendment provides a small amount of funding.  Over 2 billion gallons of raw sewage spill into our rivers and streams each year; exposure to water contaminated by untreated sewage can cause inflammation of the intestines; infections, skin rashes, hepatitis, and other diseases.

Amendment #173 Aquatic Invasive Species (filed by Senator Jehlen) This amendment provides funding for the removal of aquatic invasive species from our waterways.  Invasive plants clog waterways all over Massachusetts, impeding recreation, displacing native plants, and decreasing available food sources for wildlife.  This amendment would improve river health by reducing the prevalence of nuisance aquatic plants.

Amendment #42 Environmental Justice (filed by Senator Eldridge) This amendment establishes a process and funding to ensure low-income and minority communities have equal access to environmental health and law enforcement. Action requested:  Please call your State Senator and ask him/her to cosponsor the four amendments to the environmental bond listed above.  You must call by Thursday morning.  You should provide the amendment #’s, and note their sponsors.  (If you live in Senator Jehlen’s or Senator Eldridge’s district, please thank them for their leadership).  Make sure you give your name and town when you call. You can find your state senator’s name and phone # here. Thank you for speaking up for our rivers!

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