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Great Budget News!

Last week the legislature's budget conference committee released their budget proposal for FY21 - including significant budget increases for our state agencies that protect water, land, and wildlife. In a year when people have been connecting to their natural spaces more than ever, this funding means that these agencies can continue to combat climate change, provide recreational opportunities, and protect and monitor our natural resources.

Here's the breakdown:

Department of Environmental Protection - $40,000,000

(increase of $7,920,000 from FY20)

Division of Ecological Restoration - $2,600,000

(increase of $500,000 from FY20)

Department of Conservation and Recreation - $50,000,000

(increase of$2,750,000 from FY20)

MassWildlife's Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program - $500,000

(increase of $345,779 from FY20)

Tell your legislators THANK YOU for prioritizing rivers! Conference committee members below:

Senator Michael Rodridgues (Chair of Senate Ways & Means)

Senator Cindy Friedman (Vice Chair of Senate Ways & Means)

Representative Aaron Michlewitz (Chair of House Ways & Means)

Representative Denise Garlick (Vice Chair of House Ways & Means)


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