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Stormwater Financing 
Workshop Series

Summer 2023
Virtual & In-Person

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Stormwater runoff is currently the leading source of pollution to Massachusetts' rivers, streams, and other water bodies. Many cities and towns across the Commonwealth are required to meet Stormwater Management Standards and implement a wide variety of stormwater management strategies, like low impact development techniques, structural Best Management Practices (BMPs), and source control and pollution prevention. However, many communities struggle to fund such strategies. 


Mass Rivers Alliance and partnering organizations have developed a FREE three-part Stormwater Financing Workshop Series to help municipalities learn about, and take advantage of, short- and long-term funding solutions for stormwater management. The workshops will guide municipalities in evaluating a variety of funding opportunities and will provide tools for developing long-term revenue streams through stormwater utility fees. This is an opportunity to learn from state and federal agencies, local municipalities, and regional environmental and financial consultants. 


See below for more workshop and registration details. 

Join us for VIRTUAL and IN-PERSON 
workshops this July & September!
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Workshop 1: Addressing New Stormwater Regulatory Pressure Through Asset Management & Grant Funding

When: Thursday, July 13th from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Topics Covered: ​Direction for the next MS4 permit, regulatory compliance costs, grant funding opportunities, and asset management for municipal stormwater projects. 

Speaker Info & Presentations:

  • Newton Tedder, Senior Permit Writer, Stormwater Section, US EPA     

       MS4 Permit Cost Compliance Presentation

  • Padmini Das, Section Chief, Nonpoint Source (NPS) Management Program, MassDEP                             

​       319 NPS & 604b Water Quality Grants Presentation

  • Judy Rondeau, Watershed Specialist & Outreach Coordinator, NPS Management Program, MassDEP

​       319 NPS & 604b Water Quality Grants Presentation

​       FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grants Presentation

Additional Resources: 

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Workshop 2: Capitalizing on Federal Funding & Considering Stormwater Utilities as a Sustainable Funding Solution

When: Wednesday, July 26th from 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM


Where: Pompositticut Community Center, 509 Great Road, Stow, MA 01775

Speaker Info & Presentations:

  • Alison Field-Juma, Executive Director, OARS

       Stormwater Impacts in the SuAsCo Watershed 

  • Maria Pinaud, Director of the Division of Municipal Services, Bureau of Water Resources, MassDEP

       Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF Loan Program)

  • Martha Sheils, Director, New England Environmental Finance Center

       Free Technical Assistance Opportunities

  • Mary Tchamkina, Manager, Raftelis

       Stormwater Utilities of New England 

  • Annaliese Keimel, Staff Engineer, Tighe & Bond

       Stormwater Utilities of New England 

  • Evan White, Senior Engineer, Town of Ashland Department of Public Works

       Town of Ashland Stormwater Enterprise Fund

  • Paul Starratt, Town Engineer, Town of Westford Engineering Department

       Town of Westford Stormwater Fee 

  • Christine Collins, Tax Collector-Treasurer, Town of Westford

       Town of Westford Stormwater Fee

  • Chris Payant, Director, Town of Westborough Department of Public Works

       Town of Westborough Stormwater Utility

Additional Resources: 

Workshop 3 Social pic

Workshop 3: Collaborative Approaches to Establishing Stormwater Utilities

When: Tuesday, September 12th from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM


Where: Virtual (Zoom)

Cost: Free!

Topics Covered: Establishing pathways to collaboration, stakeholder engagement, and community buy-in for stormwater utilities. 

Target Audience: Massachusetts municipalities, and non-profits working directly with communities, with interest in securing short- or long-term funding for stormwater management.  

*Interested members of the public may also attend. 


  • Josh Secunda, US EPA

  • Gretchen Young, City of Dover (NH)

  • Dave Hickey, Town of Wellesley 

Workshops are funded in part by the SuAsCo Wild & Scenic River Stewardship Council

and developed in collaboration with: 

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